Digital Reporter Project: Empire-Tribune reporter uses iPad immediately to post video story from scene of a fire

Stephenville (Texas) Empire-Tribune reporter Micah Moore was the second of nine reporters with ACM to go through training as part of the company’s Digital Reporter Project.

After spending four hours with Rick Rogers, ACM director of product development, on how to best use the iPad as a main work station and reporting tool, Moore took the iPad out in the field to cover a structure fire.

At the scene, Moore used the video camera on the iPad to shoot video of the fire, including a stand-up intro as well as an interview with an eyewitness.

He edited the video using iMovie, which will be loaded on each iPad given to the reporters, and posted the video to the newspaper’s website within an hour of the fire starting.

This example of using the iPad to help reporters cover breaking news in the most timely of fashions is exactly what the Digital Reporter Project is all about.

To view Micah’s report, see video below.


To view Micah’s second video report on his first day of the project, watch below:

To watch Micah Moore talking about the Digital Reporter Project, see video below:

ACM Newsroom will be in the Chesapeake region next week to conduct training and launch the Digital Reporter Project with Josh Shannon and Becca Newell.

For questions on the project, please email Rogers at

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